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We’re on a mission to transform cities into the ultimate business asset.


Managed tech logistics services

New tools are needed to assist digital transformation. DLT allow trust, transparency and rapidity to your transactions, significantly reducing delay risks.

Project & Consulting

Improves efficiency and results by gaining time and smartness.

Cloud & Mobility solutions

Computing solutions by data exchanges on mobile clouds increases productivity and empower your business.



New mobility creates intelligent and uninterrupted flows, strengthen economies of scale to promote mobility accessible to all.


Vehicle economy on demand services help improve the quality of life in urban centers and reduce pollution in the sharing economy.


Checking at any time the positions of the goods, improves security and control.


Workload reduction and error prevention thanks to the automatic transfer of the transport order.

Smart cities

New social systems within which all applications are destined to become commonplace, profoundly changing the way people live and work in cities, create new business models and increase productivity.

We work hard to make possible an organic vision of urban reorganization, which allows us to integrate, enhance and direct towards common goals. We support the challenge towards a model of inclusive and sustainable urban growth accompanied by adequate resources and actions aimed at the growth of citizens' digital culture. Smart city governance presupposes the overcoming of the bipolar logic between citizens and governments in favor of culture of active citizenship where peolpe come first.

About us

Best innovative solutions through research and development for transport-oriented information technology.

Since 2014 we have been offering our partners cutting-edge integrated solutions combining experience and advanced research, making extensive use of neural networks, map routing techniques and blockchain technologies in order to increase the performance of the logistics management. We improve industrial and business operations oriented to the service of logistics, distribution and data processing services, ensuring efficient control, cost and risk cutting and increased productivity.

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Smart Cities


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